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"Bravura independent
filmmaking at its
gonzo best."


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It's never too late to not grow up.


Following the tight-knit crew of an independent toy store as they navigate their 20s, Wind-Ups is a semi-autobiographical take on post-grad life based on show runner and director Adam Protextor's 4 years working at Toy Joy in Austin, TX.


Featuring a standout cast of Austin comedians, Wind-Ups is told over six episodes, each set on a different major holiday over the course of one calendar year, and is currently in post-production in Los Angeles following a successful Indiegogo campaign and on location shoot.

You Are in a Video Store

Ask clerk for recommendations!


Hosted by Adam Protextor and Stephanie Thoreson, You Are in a Video Store is a weekly talk show dedicated to movies, friends, and physical media.

Airing every Tuesday at 5 PM PT/8 PM ET on Twitch, the Video Store was originally created during Covid as a digital movie club and quickly became into one of the most successful streams on its host channel at Ultraloop.

Viewers can follow along with the stream week-to-week on Instagram at @YouAreinAVideoStore.


Dropping Evil

Take your last trip.

"Undoubtedly one of the best ultra-low budget horror movies of the last decade."


Produced over a three-year period, Dropping Evil was originally part of a planned trilogy directed by University of Iowa film student Adam Protextor. Completed in 2010, it was distributed as a straight-to-video horror title in 2012 by Wild Eye Releasing. 

Conceived as an experimental flip on horror tropes by filmmaking partners (and fellow video store clerks) Protextor and Louie Doerge, Dropping Evil is an unabashedly bonkers affair, drawing its inspiration gleefully and equally from the likes of Raimi, Godard, and Woo and populated by veteran genre actors such as Fred Williamson (Black Caesar) and Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp).

With its unique and over-the-top blend of art film and horror (including a climactic tennis match with an axe), Dropping Evil has attained cult status in the years since its release.



An independent production company founded by partners Adam Protextor and Stephanie Thoreson in 2018, Baby Lion is dedicated to the fun and the different.


Currently producing the sitcom pilot Wind-Ups and the Twitch stream You Are in a Video Store, Baby Lion is responsible for several shows across both the digital and live spheres, including RPG: Rappers Playing Games, Slumber Party Club LIVE!, and the award-winning character show "Fishbowl", as well as on-demand promotional content for BettyFest, ColdTowne Theater, Fallout Theater, and others.

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